7 DAYS: 08:00 - 05:00 PM

Cruise Terms and Conditions

Persons who board Surfers Paradise River Cruises vessel confirm their acceptance of Surfers Paradise River Cruises terms and conditions.

Cruise may be rescheduled at operators discretion due to numbers or weather conditions (reschedule or refund)

Itinery, menu & prices subject to change.

All times are approximate.

Tour guides / Carers can be approved by a Surfers Paradise River Cruise front office staff only, no online bookings are accepted for tour guides or carers.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises reserves the right to refuse entry to any passenger.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises is fully licensed & does not allow BYO alcohol, soft drinks or food

(unless approved prior to cruise by management). Surfers Paradise River Cruises practices responsible service

Of alcohol at all times.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises advises patrons to wear flat shoes as being on a boat there is constant movement.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises takes no responsibility for harm or damage caused by patrons choosing to ignore

this warning. Hat & sunscreen are also advisable for day cruises.

Passengers holding bookings must check in and be ready to board the vessel 15 minutes prior to

schedule departure time. Surfers Paradise River Cruisesreserves the right to reassign seats if passengers do not arrive

by this time. No refund will be given.

As the activity is on the water the passenger recognises that they are risks associated with the activity.

The passenger agrees and acknowledges that the proprietor/skipper shall not be liable for any Injury loss or

damage suffered by the passenger or by any other person arising from or in connection with the passengers

participation in the activity, whether such injury, loss or damage was caused directly or indirectly by the

negligence of the proprietor/skipper or otherwise or by the proprietors, servants or agents.

The passenger hereby releases the proprietor/skipper from all such claims and indemnities the proprietor/skipper

against all claims made by or on behalf of any other person.

Passengers board and ride Surfers Paradise River Cruises, at their own risk in no circumstance will Bluewater Cruises, its

officers, employees, servants or agents be held responsible for any accidents, injury, loss or damage to personal

property whilst embarking, traveling or disembarking from the vessel.

The passenger agrees to comply and obey with all rules and directions made or given by the proprietor/skipper

in connection with the cruise. If a passenger fails to comply with the proprietor/skipper rules and or directions,

the passenger will not be permitted to ride or to continue to ride and no refund will be given.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises reserves the right to pursue legal claims against any passenger who is a hazard or causes

a hazard that affects the safety and legal operation of the vessel.

Refund Policy: No refunds within 24 hours of departure unless the Operator cancels the activity due to waterway,

or weather conditions, insufficient reservations and any other unforeseen event or circumstances.

Otherwise, refunds are granted solely at the discretion of the Agent according to the Operator’s cancellation policy.

Where there is a ‘no show’ without prior notification or cancellation in required time are not eligible for a refund.

Refunds may only be obtained from the Booking Agent. Note no transaction fee is refundable.

Parties Terms and Conditions

$200 deposit required to secure party booking. Once paid this is a 100% non-refundable deposit should you cancel.

$200 becomes the bond. The full amount in addition to this $200 is payable with confirmed numbers 3 weeks prior to the cruise.

Package 1 & 2 are based on a minimum 20 people during Friday evening & all day Saturdays in November & December.

At all other times prices are based on a minimum 15 people.

All packages are available for less than the minimum numbers but will incur additional prices per person unless otherwise agreed to by

management- please contact us.

Balance of money & final numbers are required 21 days prior to the party date. No refunds given for cancellations within 21 days I.e.

100% non-refundable. Should full payment not be received 21 days prior to event, booking will be cancelled & $200 deposit forfeited.

We are fully licensed, sorry no BYO alcohol or drinks to be brought on board.

Cruise will be terminated if any patron is found to have brought alcohol on board. All guests may be asked to produce identification due to being
a licensed premises.

No catering to be brought on board without prior consent from Surfers Paradise River Cruises

All entertainment must be approved by Surfers Paradise River Cruises at time of booking.

Party occasion must be stated at time of booking & any changes to this need to be advised prior to day -e.g. birthday party is a birthday not a bucks.

Misleading information will cause cruise to be cancelled & all money forfeited.

No patron who is deemed to be intoxicated, quarrelsome or unruly will be permitted to board.

No drugs or illegal substances to be brought on board.

Bins & ashtrays are provided. All cans, bottles, cigarettes & rubbish to be placed in these – Nothing to be thrown overboard.

Smoking on top deck only.

No leaving boat whilst cruise is in motion or docking – exit via designated exits only. No jumping, stepping or diving off top deck. Cruise

will be terminated immediately.

No nudity, heavy objects on ankles or wrists e.g. ball & chain.

Aggressive or quarrelsome behaviour will not be tolerated.

Cruise period is as per booking time in confirmation. The booking time will not be extended if guests arrive late.

Cruise will be immediately terminated & all bonds forfeited if any of above conditions & rules are not adhered to.

Surfers Paradise River Cruises advises patrons to wear flat shoes as being a boat there is constant movement. Bluewater Cruises takes no

Responsibility for harm or damage caused by patrons choosing to ignore this warning. Shirt, hat & sunscreen are also advisable for

day cruises.

The $200 bond taken for all cruises is in addition to party price). A higher bond may be deemed necessary by

Surfers Paradise River Cruises – you will be advised at booking if this is the case. The bond will be refunded 48 hours after party

on the condition that there has been no damage to boat or equipment, no cause for party termination & no excessive cleaning. There is

a minimum $100 cleaning fee for excessive mess or regurgitation (I.e. vomiting). No party poppers, confetti, streamers, boas or glitters

to be brought On board – cleaning fee will apply.

If deemed necessary by Surfers Paradise River Cruises additional security staff will be employed. This is at an additional charge of $200 per

Security staff per cruise. These security are private contractors.

At Surfers Paradise River Cruises we practice responsible Service of Alcohol at all times.

Captains decision is final & all directions given by the Captain will be adhered to.

I have read & understood the above conditions & rules. I agree that all my guests also understand & will abide by the

Surfers Paradise River Cruises conditions of booking.